Pastries by themes and seasonal French Traditions

Puff pastry delights

A really tasty puff pastry with cream

Choux pastry forms the basis of a multitude of recipes including choux à la crème (chantilly-filled puff pastries), chouquettes (sugar-coated puff pastries), éclairs au chocolat/café, religieuses, Paris-Brest, la tropézienne.

Sugar-coated puff pastries

Choux à la crème


Tea time

Lemon cake

For teatime, “le goûter” in French, there are, for example, madeleines, financiers, various cakes (different flavors such as vanilla, lemon or chocolate) and meringues.

Madeleines with lemon zests

Vanilla cake


Something with fruit 

Strawberry pie with meringues and raspberries

Lemon meringue pie, and when spring comes, strawberry or raspberry tart, and fruit charlottes.

Charlotte with spring fruits

Strawberry/raspberry tart

Fruit Charlotte

French traditions

Buche de Noël chocolat

The traditional Christmas dessert is the “bûche de Noël”, a log-shaped creamy cake that can be made in different flavors, the “galette des rois” in January which is a flaky puff pastry filled with frangipane (almond cream) and contains a surprise “fève” (tiny figurine). 

Galette des rois

Buche de Noël

Galette des rois

Advanced level


Mille-feuilles, Royal chocolat, Kouign-amman (regional specialty from Brittany), Saint-Honoré.

Kouign-amman a regional specialty from Brittany



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